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Gather client info directly from your website

Add a form on your business website to gather interested client's info that goes straight into your app. Get notified right away and set a follow-up reminder so you don't drop the ball on them.

Send intake forms to your client to complete the rest of their pregancy, birth and/or postpartum profile. They can complete it online or with you during a visit.

Intake forms

Manage expenses, contracts, invoices and payments with ease

Track client-related and business expenses. Issue invoices and track payments and dues for each client.

Sign contracts easily online using legally-binding electronic signing. Receive payments through your existing Paypal or Square accounts.

Pregnancy journal, labour notes and time tracking

Take notes on pregancy progress, labour progress and manage postpartum daily journals. Fully customize which events you want to track such as contractions, position changes and interventions.

Know where you are spending your time and generate accurate billing using eDoula's simple time tracker.

Progress notes
Custom Services

Manage other birth related services, products and rentals

eDoula comes built-in with birth and postpartum features, but you can add any number of custom services, such as placenta encapsulation, breastfeeding support, massage therapy, birth photography, bellybinding, you name it!

Customize what information you want to track for each service and use intake forms to gather the info directly from your client.

Todo's & meetings

Manage todo's and setup meetings for each client. Integrate with your existing Google, Mac, iPhone or Android calendar.

Pregnancy & labour progress

Easily take notes during pregancy and labour. Timestamp events, interventions, position changes and more.

Postpartum daily journals

Keep daily journals of your postpartum clients. Make them available to your partner or backup doula.

Intake forms

Add a form to your website to have prospective clients automatically added to eDoula. Send full intake forms to your clients to simplify data input.

Contract templates

Setup contract templates and generate client contracts, easily, in seconds. Upload signed contracts or use e-signing.

Electronic signing

Legally-binding paperless signing of contracts and agreements. Compliant with the ESIGN Act and UETA. Read more

Invoicing & payment tracking

Generate invoices automatically from hourly billing or service agreements. Track status, add payments.

Get Paid online

Connect your PayPal or Square account and your invoices will have a "Pay Now" button for clients to pay online.

Time tracking and billing

Start/Stop timer and manual entry of sessions with clients. Understand your time. Mark sessions as billable to add to the next invoice.

Expenses and mileage

Track business and client-related expenses and trips. Search through transactions and generate reports to simplify your tax returns.

Share clients with partner

Share client records with your backup and partners, giving them instant access to that client's data.

Reference & Lending library

Manage lending of books and items. All organize all your document, website and contact references.

Unlimited file storage

Upload birth plans, birth stories, additional forms, photos, anything... to each client's records. Keep it all in one place.

SMS & Email reminders

You, your clients and backup doula can recieve SMS (text) and/or email reminders for meetings, todos and due dates.

Backups & Secure data

We back all your data up every 3 hours, 24/7/365. Data is transfered using 256-bit encryption.

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